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Great expectations don’t faze Spain as they look to make a mark at Euro 2022

“I’m not judging you,” Mapi León says and then she starts laughing, which she does often. “But,” the Spain and Barcelona defender continues, “the pressure comes more from the media.

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In development: A synthetic foam that heals chronic wounds by suppressing inflammation and spurring blood vessel growth

Scientists have engineered a synthetic biodegradable foam that can suppress inflammation, promote blood vessel growth and support the rapid healing of chronic skin wounds, an innovation that may one day

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Euro falling towards parity pain point

A stampede for dollars as global recession risks mount has left other currencies battered and bruised, with the euro getting trampled on more than most as surging European gas prices

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Guardians of the Galaxy writer joins BioWare

Deus Ex writer Mary DeMarle will work on the next Mass Effect game, it’s been confirmed. Mass Effect director Michael Gamble confirmed the news via Twitter last night, shortly after

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British millionaire buys up former RAF base and says he may use it to hunt UFOs

A British millionaire has bought up a former RAF base and said he could use the radar installation to ‘hunt UFOs ’. William Sachiti used his fortune to snap up

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