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Sometimes when your dog leaves the groomers, they look unrecognisable with a shorter coat, trimmed nails and tamed ears.

But when dogs visit Gabriel Feitosa, they return home as pandas, dragons, unicorns, giraffes, and sometimes even Pikachu or the Grinch.

Gabriel is the world’s most famous creative dog groomer, and he’s taking over the industry one magical, colourful canine at a time.

The 30-year-old social media star has garnered a reputation for creating the craziest transformations using toxic-free grooming practices.

Gabriel told The Mirror : “I love that I can push the boundaries of a hair cut, like a fashion designer would push the boundaries of a runway show. I can temporarily make dogs look like entirely different creatures.”

Gabriel’s pioneering career started at the age of 12 at a local shop in a small town in Brazil, where he discovered a niche for colourful and creative designs.

He has since groomed award-winning, internationally competitive dogs with some of the most influential people in the field.

One of his career highlights is making it to the finals of ABC’s Pooch Perfect, where he impressed judges with his innovative technique.

Now he has opened his own Grooming Salon and GFG Pet Store in San Diego, California, and racked up nearly one million followers online.

“Creative dog grooming was never my plan – it just kind of happened,” Gabriel said. “From a very young age, I wanted to learn everything I could about dogs.

“I groomed show dogs and discovered Asian fusion (a unique grooming technique that originated in Japan).”

Gabriel is an advocate for canine-friendly grooming and says “everything I use is developed for dogs and completely safe”.

He has even filmed himself eating the vegan, toxic-free dye on TikTok to prove it.

Gabriel practices on his own three dogs, 10-year-old Kronos, 11-year-old Kameron and his new eight-month-old puppy.

“My favourite look I’ve ever created is a rainbow coloured chihuahua that I did recently. It really pushed the boundaries,” Gabriel said.

He is yet to groom a celebrity’s pooch – but it’s something the 30-year-old celeb would “really like to do”.

His magical transformations can cost between £400 to £800, depending on the size of the dog, and typically lasts between four to six weeks.

Gabriel explained: “A creative groom can take around three to four hours. I like to give the dog a break but most pets are very good and enjoy it. As long as you keep yourself calm, they really trust you.

“My ideal client is a white poodle because they are tall and wide with a square body, long legs and curly hair.

“It makes them the perfect canvas to become any animal.”

Gabriel’s top tip from grooming your dog at home is to “get your dog used to the vibrations of the clipper before cutting any hair”.

He advised: “Massage it by their ears and let them feel it. If the dog is scared, they can step back. They will realise it’s fun and calming.”