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Firefighters and public works employees in a British Columbia city came to the rescue of a small dog found trapped in a drainage pipe.

Nanaimo Fire Rescue said the dog’s owner called 911 and reported the canine, named Dobby, was trapped in a drainage pipe and was in danger of drowning.

Assistant Fire Chief David Dales said firefighters and public works employees followed the sound of Dobby’s barking and opened multiple manholes until they were able to get close to Dobby’s location.

Dales said Dobby had apparently entered the drainage system through a small horizontal pipe.

“The dog was unable to turn around, so it kept moving forward,” Dales told CTV News.

Dales said Dobby had ended up in a deep well of water where several pipes meet.

“The dog was stuck there trying to swim,” Dales said. “The dog was very close to drowning, so the firefighters collectively devised a plan.”

The rescuers lowered a blanket-covered fire hose into the drain and Dobby grabbed onto the end with his teeth, allowing firefighters to pull the canine to safety.

The 12-year-old dog was exhausted, but uninjured, firefighters said.